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Booking on Installments is closing.

Posted ago by admin

From 1st June 2017, booking in 15 blocks (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, Y) shall only be done on cash basis. However, for those who are interested in purchasing plots on …

Speeding up the construction of Houses

Posted ago by admin

In order to promote in habitation on the project, we are taking steps to ensure that development and construction works are carried out at the fastest possible rate. Construction of 4 houses in block D were started about 1.5 months …

New Price Schedule Announced

Posted ago by admin

Since the construction of houses, Masjid, Commercial Plaza, Entrance Complex and Water tanks are at their full pace whereas only a limited number of plots are left vacant in Phase 1 therefor new price schedule has been announced by the …

Jamia Masjid Qurtaba

Posted ago by Imran

Taking inspiration from its historical namesake, the main Jamia Masjid Qurtaba has been lavishly designed and copiously decorated making it a master piece of both architecture and holiness.  Whereas the beauty of lush green gardens, endowed by the scenic hills …

Qurtaba International University

Posted ago by Imran

Qurtaba International University Knowledge of Islam and modern sciences was the pride of Qurtaba, the historic city of Spain. Taking inspiration from it, QURTABA City hosts a modern and fully equipped International University situated right at the heart of the …

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