New Contractor appointed for Development of Block G and H, Phase 1.

Timely and up to the mark completion of developmental work is our top most priority here at Qurtaba City. In addition to the development work currently going on in other blocks, a new contract has been awarded to start development of block G and H.

The newly appointed contractor, “M/s Kamran and Kampany” has a vast experience in the field of town development and road construction etc. their expertise in the contemporary technologies and a well-trained and qualified staff shall add more speed and quality to the timely completion of project. Their machinery has been mobilized and development has started at full swing.

Start of Development works in Block C, G & H

We at Qurtaba City, realize the importance and significance of fulfilling promises we make, especially when it comes to the development. There is no question that we have had many problems in the past; and because of some unavoidable, external factors, the schedule could not be followed strictly. But such obstacles and problems have been overcome by the determination, patience and will power of our team, this achievement would not have been possible without the conscientious support from our esteemed members.

As declared in early 2012, possession of plots in Phase 1 has started. After the completion of Basic development works of Block J and K, both are handed over to the members who are now taking initial steps to start construction of their homes and become pioneer residents of Qurtaba.

Moving ahead and following the defined schedule, development works have been expedited to Block G and H where initially, laying of Sewerage lines has started at full speed. On the other hand, In Block C, where the 300ft wide main boulevard has already been completed, surveys are now started in rest of the block expanding the development in this area. These blocks shall be handed over to the members as soon as they are ready for construction after completion of basic development works.

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Important Note: This is to inform the general public that the agreement dated 21-12-2016 between Madinatul Ilm company and M/s ASM builders for the development of Qurtaba City project has been terminated on 13-08-2018. ASM builders and any of its associates for example UK PILLARS does not have any connection with Madinatul Ilm/Qurtaba City project. UK Pillars have never any direct contract/agreement with Madinatul Ilm. Please make sure to deposit all kind of payments directly in Madinatul Ilm’s bank account only. Madinatul Ilm will not be responsible for any payment given to another party/individual. No dealer/agent/representative is allowed to receive cash from customers under any circumstances.