Possession of Residential plots in Block J & K, Phase 1

It is our extreme pleasure to announce that by the grace of Allah Almighty, the dream of living in a peaceful environment, in a city which is deeply rooted in the magnificent social and Islamic values of brotherhood, morals, knowledge and yet providing the state of the art residential and civic facilities is about to become reality. The substantive development works in block J and K has been completed and both these blocks are now ready for house construction. Possession letters are being issued to honorable members who own plots in these blocks and have completed their payments.

If you are one of these members who have the honor of becoming the pioneer dwellers of this city of Peace and Knowledge please contact us on following phone numbers immediately to get your possession documents.

Head Office: 051-4969001-4

Cell: 0334 55 22 393

Email: info@qurtabacity.com

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Important Note: This is to inform the general public that the agreement dated 21-12-2016 between Madinatul Ilm company and M/s ASM builders for the development of Qurtaba City project has been terminated on 13-08-2018. ASM builders and any of its associates for example UK PILLARS does not have any connection with Madinatul Ilm/Qurtaba City project. UK Pillars have never any direct contract/agreement with Madinatul Ilm. Please make sure to deposit all kind of payments directly in Madinatul Ilm’s bank account only. Madinatul Ilm will not be responsible for any payment given to another party/individual. No dealer/agent/representative is allowed to receive cash from customers under any circumstances.