Sales Seminar in PC Hotel Peshawar and Marketing Campaign

Posted ago by Imran

To promote sales and launch Qurtaba City for general public, a sales seminar was organized in Peshawar City. This, first ever seminar of Qurtaba City targeting general audience to support marketing, was held at PC Hotel Peshawar in which more than 300 people from real estate industry participated. Leadership from Jamat Islami Pakistan including Mohtrum Siraj Ul Haq, Mohtrum Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, Mohtrum Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Khalil, Muhtrum Inayatullah Khan, were also invited as special guests.

CEO-Qurtabacity-PC-HOTELPresident of Property Dealers Association Mr. MazharWakeel Durrani was also amongst the organizers of seminar who whole heartedly encouraged the audience to take interest in this esteemed project as it is being managed by trustworthy and honest people.

Results of the seminar are very promising, not only the event resulted in very good sales but also people showed deep interest and appreciated the facilities offered by Qurtaba City.

Also, a marketing campaign has been launched in Peshawar City to promote sales. Response of the campaign is very encouraging, the ideology and facilities offered by Qurtaba City are attracting people towards this city of Peace and Knowledge.

Development works in Block G and H

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By the grace of Allah Almighty, sewerage system and utilities ducts in Blocks G and H have been completed successfully while maintaining the international standards. As per defined schedule of infrastructure development, water supply and road networks are being developed at full pace at the moment. Both these blocks shall Insha’Allah be handed over to our honorable members immediately after completion of development works.

Development Works in Block C

In order to achieve the objective of dwelling of Qurtaba City as early as possible, Developmental works has been expanded to Block C as well, currently implementation of water supply lines is in progress which is expected to be completed Inshallah in next couple of weeks. Block C, being the main entrance area of the Qurtaba shall help in giving better presentation of the rest of the project.

Development works on Main Road [MR-2]

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The Main Road connecting Block C, D, G, H and encircling the central educational complex is being developed at the fastest possible pace, after completion of this road access to the Developed Bocks and also to the Head Office shall become more convenient.

Widening of Qurtaba Avenue.

The Access Road (dual carriage way) connecting Qurtaba City to Chakri Interchange is being widened upto full width. First track of this 3.5 KM long and 100 ft wide road was already completed.

Sewerage System in Blocks G and H.

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Sewerage system in blocks G and H are about to complete, with the current fast pace of development completion of this News 3keystone activity is expected to be achieved in next couple of weeks. Laying of sewerage lines shall immediately be followed by implementation of water supply lines and development of roads network in these blocks.

Completion of Inter Block Road (R-3)

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Major Portion of 80 ft wide inter block road has been completed up to TST level. This road connect blocks G, H, J, K, L and M and leads to the main boulevard “shahrah syed Abul a’ala Modudi Avenue”, Remaining portion of this road shall be completed within 4 to 5 months inshallah.

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