Inauguration of Masjid and Commercial Plaza in Block D, Phase 1.

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card  Alhamdulillah, Construction Inauguration ceremony of two first buildings in Qurtaba City,

The Masjid and Commercial Plaza in Block D, Phase 1 shall be held on 8th April 2015.

                           EVERYBODY IS INVITED.”

Installation of solar based street light on main entrance

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Illuminating Qurtaba City is the next step. While we are working continuously on the provision of electricity from main grid as early as possible; we have, in the meantime, started from the main entry and have placed solar based street lights to increase security at night. The same shall continue in other locations where necessary.

Widening of Access Road

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The 15 ft wide portion of the access road which connects Qurtaba City with Motorway has already been developed and is in use. Now considering the increased traffic activity because of 5 developed blocks and expected construction of houses and other buildings in next couple of months, this dual carriage way is now being widened to its full width i.e. 100ft.

Development of MR2

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This 200 ft wide road connects Blocks C, D, G and H while making more than half of the outer circle of the area reserved for Qurtaba University, Jamia Masjid and parks/commercial areas around them. About 75% work has been completed and rest is expected to be finished soon.

After the completion of this dual carriage way, traveling to the developed blocks and to the Head Office through the Qurtaba site will be become even more convenient.

Booking of shops in commercial Plaza of Block K

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Booking is now open for shops in commercial plaza located on the main 80ft wide road in Block K. Earlier, the shopping plaza of Block D was opened for booking, its 55 shops were booked in a very short period of two months.

This plaza because of its predominant location and substantial piece of land reserved for it, will become a landmark when completed, with more than 100 shops on the ground floor only, this shopping mall invites business men of all genres to come forward and start their prospering businesses.

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