Incentive on construction of House in Qurtaba City

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It is our immense pleasure to announce that we are offering handsome incentive to members who are willing to take possession and start construction of houses in Block D and C. Very generous offer of Rs. 400,000/- for 138 SQY plots (in block D) and of Rs. 800,000 for 500 SQY (Block C) is being offered on the condition that construction will be completed by the member within 6 months or so.
9 houses are already under construction and so is a masjid and a commercial plaza. Since this is a limited time offer and may only be given to the first 50 houses therefore please register yourself at earliest to avail this offer.

Members who are willing to avail this offer but their plot is not in these blocks, they may entertained by shifting their plots from other blocks to C or D depending upon the availability.

Updates from site

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Development Works continued on site, there are now 9 houses which are being constructed on the site by members, construction on Masjid in block D, a miniature gate near motorway, main gate and commercial plaza is also being constructed.

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Booking on Installments is closing.

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From 1st June 2017, booking in 15 blocks (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, Y) shall only be done on cash basis. However, for those who are interested in purchasing plots on installment payment plan they can book the plots in remaining 8 blocks i.e. (Q, R, S T, U, V, W, X).

Speeding up the construction of Houses

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In order to promote in habitation on the project, we are taking steps to ensure that development and construction works are carried out at the fastest possible rate. Construction of 4 houses in block D were started about 1.5 months ago which has now reached almost up to roof level.

New Price Schedule Announced

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Since the construction of houses, Masjid, Commercial Plaza, Entrance Complex and Water tanks are at their full pace whereas only a limited number of plots are left vacant in Phase 1 therefor new price schedule has been announced by the Board Of Directors.

The New price shall be implemented from 1st May 2017, if you are interested in purchasing the plot, NOW is the right time.

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