Development work continues despite long Holidays of Eid ul Adha

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Development work continues despite long Holidays of Eid ul Adha, Boundary wall around Phase 1 is being established at a very quick speed, same is the case with Main entrance complex. Office construction of contract is complete and now fully functional. Form work on the top bowl of Overhead Water tank is almost completed.

Development Current Updates

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Following Development Activities have been performed during the past 1 month. Although the progress had been slow due to monsoon constructional activities were carried out at maximum possible speed.

  1. Form work for remaining portion of the overhead water tank.
  2. concrete of first floor of block D’s Masjid.
  3. start of construction activity on Boundary Wall around the project.
  4. continuation of construction of Main Entrance Complex.
  5. Earth Work and Roads construction in Block A, B and C.

Qurtaba City Development Pics (11)

Development Updates

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Qurtaba City Development Pics (2)Development activities on different locations of phase 1 are underway, Main shaft of overhead Water tank is almost completed, form work of the top area is currently being done. Construction of Main entrance complex has also started, Columns of Majid of Block D are also being constructed with optimum speed. Cutting of high level areas of a portion of Block C is also being done. “

Development activates have been started on site by the contractor ACC

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Development activates have been started on site by the contractor ACCP, Block B is currently being developed whereas labor camps, Site offices and soil testing for construction of another water tank in block K are also being executed. On the other hand construction of Main entrance gate, Masjid of D block and the water tank of the same block is also being constructed.”

Agreement for Complete Infrastructure Development of Qurtaba City

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12923249_1085148184877111_7741487418153437_nIt is our utmost pleasure to announce that Al Hamdulillah the long awaited agreement for infrastructure development of Qurtaba City has been signed between Madinatul Ilm and Arabian Construction Company Pakistan.
ACCP has a vast international experience in both infrastructure and building development and is famous for using new technologies for this purpose. Massive development works are expected to start within 45 days in all blocks of Phase 1. This is a significant milestone towards early development and habitation of this city of peace and knowledge



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