International University

Qurtaba International University

Knowledge of Islam and modern sciences was the pride of Qurtaba, the historic city of Spain. Taking inspiration from it, QURTABA City hosts a modern and fully equipped International University situated right at the heart of the locality. Consisting of 750 Kanals of land, the university building in itself would be a masterpiece of art and creativity and would later be known as the center of religious and modern studies in the country. University aims to introduce a new breed of intelligent and skilled individuals in Pakistan.

Qurtaba-International-UniversityStudents not only from within Pakistan and other Islamic countries will be a part of it but people even from other faiths would be proud to be a part of the precious and valuable work done by the University,  giving rise to our dream of a cross religious society based on the single value of equality.

In addition, a complete network of Collages and Schools shall be provided across the entire project operating in accordance to the basic objective of Madinatul Ilm, making this whole setup a vivid picture of blessed learning.

The University will have circular blocks accommodating following departments and research facilities:

  • Islamic Studies
  • Linguistic and Translation Studies
  • Instructional Information and Communication Sciences
  • Regional and Global Studies
  • Development Sciences
  • Social Sciences Research
  • Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences
  • Physical/Biological/Mathematical Sciences
Important Note: Please make sure to deposit all kind of payments directly in Madinatul Ilm’s bank account only. Madinatul Ilm will not be responsible for any payment given to another party/individual. No dealer/agent/representative is allowed to receive cash from customers under any circumstances.